3 trades we would already like to see the Mets get done

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The teams competing cannot sleep to wait as the market operates, they must be aggressive in always trying to improve, and the New York Mets are one of those teams. Filled with uncertainty, injuries, and underperformance, the Mets have two areas they must try to improve.

The rotation has held its casualties with injuries to Jose Quintana and Justin Verlander. The bullpen without Edwin Diaz and other acquisitions that haven't panned out highlight the need for more options for mid and high-leverage situations.

The Mets should acquire a high-impact mid-cost starter

There are many starting pitchers that will soon be available on the market. Among them, some aces would be drawing the attention of most teams. Even pitchers from potential contending teams like Tyler Glasnow or Shane Bieber could appear on the trading block.

Among some, Lucas Giolito is a pitcher who could be a good target for the Mets because of his potential and cost. Giolito is in his last year of a contract and has started 2023 slowly.

Giolito was a top prospect from the Washington Nationals who came to the Chicago White Sox in the trade that brought Adam Eaton to the Nats. The White Sox ace had a couple of good seasons where he was selected as an All-Star 3 times.

His value since 2022 has dipped due to so-so performance on the mound and losing years of control after nearing his arbitration term. This 2023 his initial value is low due to having a high ERA and WHIP. This is something that stands out because Giolito has been a pitcher with great control in his career.

His problem has been the contact allowed, being highly affected by the banned shift since the opponent put the ball in play, the result ends up being more hits than outs. That shows in his numbers allowing twice as many hits as innings pitched.

However, his ability to induce strikeouts and low contact throughout his career remains valid. With the injury-plagued and underperforming White Sox, Lucas Giolito could be available soon and would be a boost to a healthy rotation where he would be a fourth starter. The cost to acquire it would not be high, hovering around perhaps two mid-top prospects within the top 10 to top 20.