3 dumbest Mets trade deadline decisions Billy Eppler could make this month

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
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3) Third bad NY Mets trade: Trading any of their top prospects

As previously mentioned earlier, one of Steve Cohen's goals for this organization was rebuilding a barren farm system when he took over ownership. The Mets would be foolish to give up any of their top young talent at this year's trade deadline with the way the team has performed this season.

It would better serve the Mets to take a look at some of the young talent they have down in the minors up at the Major League level such as Mark Vientos and Ronny Mauricio. Whether the Mets right the ship or not, it's hard not to argue how much either player could be an upgrade right now offensively in Queens.

The front office has to evaluate players such as Vientos and Mauricio at some point this season in order to figure out whether they can potentially play a role on next season's roster or not. The front office has to figure out a way to inject a bit of youth into this aging roster whether it be this season or next.

The Mets can ill-afford to make deadline mistakes such as the ones they made last season when they made trades for players like Darin Ruf, Tyler Naquin, and Daniel Vogelbach where significant young pieces were given up for career journeymen players. If Billy Eppler were to fumble any of their top prospects this summer his seat will be scorching hot as the winter approaches.