4 times the Mets traded a fan favorite to the Dodgers

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2) NY Mets traded Jerry Grote to the Dodgers in 1977

Jerry Grote’s time with the Mets came to a close the same way as Mel Rojas, Juan Samuel, and some other undesirable players in the team’s history. The difference is Grote is one of the more beloved early Mets players and for good reason.

Grote became the club’s starting catcher in 1966 and would stick around until August of 1977 when he became another casualty of the team’s rebuilding phase that involved sending all of the fan favorites away. By this point, Grote was sharing catching duties with John Stearns. Still productive, he was a two-time All-Star for the Mets during his tenure.

Grote could hit. He could field. He was known for calling a good game behind the plate. It’s hard to know for sure how much he mattered behind the plate during the team’s success in 1969 and beyond. Seeing how they were loaded with such amazing pitchers, he at least deserves a tip of the cap.

What Grote helped do was establish a desire of Mets fans to have a catcher they could rely on behind the plate. He set the standard that even to this day many hold dear. Even if you weren’t around to cheer Grote on, it’s understandable how vital he was and why having a catcher you can trust to succeed on both sides of the ball is something to enjoy.

In exchange for Grote, the Dodgers sent the Mets two guys who never made the majors.