3 monster Mets trades to make if the Carlos Correa deal falls through

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3) NY Mets should make a Hail Mary trade pitch to the Angels for Shohei Ohtani

I have my doubts the Los Angeles Angels would listen to any trade offers for Shohei Ohtani. They’d be fools to not pick up the phone. As much as they have improved, it doesn’t seem like they have quite enough to do more than make a playoff cameo.

Ohtani is someone Mets fans already have planned for next offseason. It would take a King’s Ransom to acquire him even now with just a single season left. The only thing bigger than going after Devers would be to throw one Hail Mary trade pitch to the Angels. Give them players they can actually use in this coming year. MLB players like Daniel Vogelbach and Carlos Carrasco start the deal as replacements for Ohtani (at least in theory, not performance). Finish it off with your more expendable prospects at positions that aren’t a need. Throw everything you have at the Angels and see if they budge.

Free agency offers the Mets very few choices anywhere near the level of Correa. It’s why there was so much excitement when it looked like he was coming to Flushing.

Our fingers haven’t uncrossed that something will get done between the two sides. As thrilling as any of these trades would be, we all prefer the free agent and the prospects who can provide the team with depth this season.

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