3 monster Mets trades to make if the Carlos Correa deal falls through

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2) NY Mets can look for upgrades outside of third base with a White Sox trade

Liam Hendriks was a name mentioned in previous Mets rumors as a trade target of theirs. One relief pitcher doesn’t quite make up for losing out on Correa. However, adding Eloy Jimenez in the package can definitely turn this deal into a greater blockbuster.

Jimenez is trending toward becoming a DH for the Chicago White Sox. On the Mets, it’s exactly where he would fit in. This would mean sending Daniel Vogelbach away as Jimenez is a much better fit as an everyday designated hitter than the right-handed part of a platoon. Vogelbach is already a strange fit for the Mets given his part-time role in an everyday lineup spot with defensive limitations.

In this kind of trade, the Mets would need to hold onto Brett Baty or Eduardo Escobar. Chicago might actually want Baty to headline the deal. He could be their starting third baseman next season or even a DH candidate while getting his big league defense bettered.

The idea of the White Sox even making Hendriks available in a trade is peculiar. What would they want in return? MLB-ready players would make logical sense. Unless the Mets are getting a bat in the deal or getting Hendriks as a steal, this doesn’t make up for losing Correa.