3 Mets trades that turned out better than expected

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2) NY Mets bought low on World Series MVP Ray Knight

It was in a rare August trade when the Mets acquired Ray Knight in a deal with the Houston Astros. He was hitting a putrid .223/.259/.281 for the team in 1984. The Mets, who seemed to make every right move possible leading up to the 1986 World Series, sent Gerald Young, Manuel Lee, and Mitch Cook to Houston for a shot at Knight.

Clearly, the Mets believed he had something left. They were right.

Knight struggled mightily in 1985 but in 1986 he batted .298/.351/.424 a year later. More importantly, he was clutch in the World Series against the Boston Red Sox.

Although I wasn’t around at the time of the trade, I can imagine Mets fans going nuts seeing them give up three players for a guy struggling as much as Knight was at the time. It almost feels like acquiring Jim Fregosi all over again. An infielder past his prime, the Mets saw enough to believe he was worth acquiring.

It did take a rough 1985 season for this trade to eventually pay off. Any trade which leads to a championship in the end deserves bonus points. When that trade nets you the MVP of the series, it’s clear who the victor was.