3 trades to make after losing out on Carlos Correa

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To all my fellow New York Mets fans, the band-aid has finally been ripped off and we saw Carlos Correa spurn the Mets for the Minnesota Twins in one of the most incredible free-agency twists in baseball that I can ever remember. Now that both parties have moved in separate directions it's time for the Mets to move forward with shoring up their roster going into Spring Training.

While currently, the trade market isn't as robust now that Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers also recently reached a long-term extension, the Mets will have to get creative in identifying potential targets to upgrade their offense. Don't forget that Owner Steve Cohen publicly proclaimed that Correa seemed to be the final piece the Mets needed to be a legitimate force next season.

While the Mets may not find a superstar like Carlos Correa currently available on the trade market, there are three players that catch my eye that may potentially be available to be had from their current teams for the right price. Let's take a look at three trade options that the Mets can potentially explore to add another bat to the starting lineup.

1) NY Mets trade target: Outfielder Bryan Reynolds

If there is one star player that is actively being shopped around by his current team it's Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bryan Reynolds. While it's hard to believe that the Pirates would ship out one of their sole established contributors on their roster, it seems over the last several weeks they are fielding offers from multiple Major League front offices.

For an organization in the Pirates that seems to be in a never-ending rebuild, they seem content to let Reynolds go this offseason who by the way is a career .281 hitter with a .361/.481/.842 slash line and 13.2 WAR, for a haul of prospects. It is well-known around baseball it is going to potentially take a haul to pry Reynolds away from the Pirates, and it has been reported they are looking for high-end pitching prospects in return.

The upside of acquiring Reynolds outside of his fantastic play is the Mets would have team control of Reynolds for a few more seasons as he's not scheduled to be a free agent until 2026. Reynolds would fit nicely in the Mets outfield rotation with Brandon Nimmo, Mark Canha, as well as Starling Marte, and it could be argued that the Mets would have one of the top outfields in baseball with those four.