3 small Mets trades we can realistically expect before Opening Day

These three trades are more subtraction than addition.
Jul 23, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New York Mets catcher Omar Narvaez (2) walks onto the
Jul 23, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New York Mets catcher Omar Narvaez (2) walks onto the / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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The New York Mets have stayed away from making any blockbuster trades this offseason. With the position they’re in, it makes sense. They aren’t selling off any major pieces. They’re also disinterested in giving up much from their own team.

This doesn’t mean they’re done with trades. Fans can still expect the team to deal from within and potentially make any of these smaller trades before the season begins.

1) The Mets trade Omar Narvaez somewhere to replace an injured catcher

The demand around the league for a catcher like Omar Narvaez isn’t great. Shipwrecked sailors in the middle of the Pacific Ocean would pay a higher price for salt water. Hurt and ineffective in 2023 with an over-inflated salary, he’s a guy the Mets are only trading if they eat most of his contract the same way they did with James McCann.

Just because there isn’t the demand for Narvaez right now doesn’t mean it won’t open up. Catchers get battered behind the plate. One is bound to go down with an unexpected injury soon after they report to camp.

There is no true urgency for the Mets to actually dump Narvaez. We’re now close enough to players reporting to camp where they mine as well hold onto him and see how things unfold. A foul tip off of someone’s finger can open the door to a phone call to the Mets in regards to exactly how much money they’d be willing to eat of his deal and what they might want in return.

The obvious roster replacement for Narvaez would then become Tomas Nido who is already signed to a major league deal but sitting off of the 40-man roster after last year’s DFA. A well-regarded backstop who has been praised by pitchers in the past, the Mets will be just fine with him as long as Francisco Alvarez stays healthy. Isn’t this the worry of all teams, though?