3 players the Mets could trade in the future beyond Pete Alonso to nuke the roster

For more payroll flexibility or a change to the roster, these three could be trade candidates in the near future.
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3) Trade Edwin Diaz

Why trade the best closer in baseball?

Stearns has yet to put a black hat on as the President of Baseball Operations in Queens. His moves have been fan-friendly. By simply keeping Alonso through the offseason, he at least showed some tact in catering to what fans desire most. Dealing away Diaz, an incredibly dominant and popular player, would be the kind of move that’ll enrage fans. He and Steve Cohen will get called “cheap.” Unless they follow it up with better moves, we shouldn’t count on it.

From a reasonable perspective, we should be able to understand why such a move could take place. Closers do tend to flame out. Diaz, costing as much as a quality starting pitcher and more than many position players who take the field every day for 9 innings, isn’t exactly a bargain. 

Consider him volcano insurance for a home near an active volcano that hasn’t erupted in hundreds of years. A good closer is necessary, like the insurance policy. However, if your house is overcome by liquid hot magma much like the Mets were in 2023 beyond just the absence of Diaz, having such a high-priced closer isn’t going to fix your problem. Your house is destroyed regardless.

Something I’d like to know is whether Stearns would’ve extended Diaz or not if he was with the team when his contract came up. He traded Josh Hader from the Brewers in his last year. Could he end up doing the same with the even more popular Diaz before he potentially opts out?

Pushing that button would have Stearnsenheimmer becoming death, destroyer of the Mets.