3 players the Mets could trade in the future beyond Pete Alonso to nuke the roster

For more payroll flexibility or a change to the roster, these three could be trade candidates in the near future.
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Pete Alonso is the player whose name comes up in discussions most about leaving the New York Mets. Understandable because of his lame duck contract and trade rumors that have the same survivability as the monster in a horror film, envisioning the Mets without him on the roster isn’t so difficult. He could be traded this summer. He could leave in free agency. There are a lot of ways this can end without him in blue and orange.

Trading Alonso or letting him leave is one way David Stearns could nuke the Mets roster. But if the team has the desire to lower the payroll even more at some point, there will be other opportunities.

Stearns wasn’t shy about making big moves during his time with the Milwaukee Brewers. Thus far, as an employee with the Mets, he hasn’t delivered any gut punches to the fanbase. Beyond Alonso, how else could Stearns drop an atomic bomb on the roster?

1) Trade Jeff McNeil

Jeff McNeil isn’t quite as beloved as Alonso, but it’s not too distant. McNeil is temperamental at times—already shown on Opening Day this season. As a player, his ability to move around the field and put the bat on the baseball is a unique attribute which makes him a fit for just about any roster. Trading him, however, does feel like a possibility for a ball club stacked with infield prospects and no place for all of them to play.

McNeil will make $15.75 million through the 2026 season with a chance at one more season of it in 2027. The contract is team friendly if he’s batting over .300. Anything less and the contract feels a little more appropriate or even overpriced in some regards.

The Mets could have some obvious backup plans in place already. Luisangel Acuna is sure to get some innings as a second baseman on the MLB roster. He’s the quick answer and likeliest to end up playing alongside Francisco Lindor up the middle.

McNeil should remain an in-demand player for other organizations due to his ability to play second base and left field well. It would be sad to see him go from the Mets. The contract isn’t outrageous and if getting younger at the position is something Stearns feels the team should do, they should be able to find a match.