3 Mets trades about to happen in a better alternative universe

In a brighter timeline, the Mets are gearing up to make these three trades.
New York Mets v Boston Red Sox
New York Mets v Boston Red Sox / Winslow Townson/GettyImages
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If comic books can do it, so can we. Somewhere in another timeline, in an alternative universe, the New York Mets are one of the biggest MLB trade deadline buyers. They might not be leading the National League East, but they’re holding onto a playoff spot and ready to add to the roster.

In this alternative reality, rain comes steadily and not in bunches or with long delays between. There are no Canadian wildfires. Congestion pricing has been outlawed.

It’s a much better place to live instead of where we are. The Mets have let us down in this stream of consciousness. What’s going on in this other, not so dark, timeline?

1) The Bizarro NY Mets are making a splash for Lucas Giolito and Liam Hendriks

There isn’t a scenario or universe where the Mets don’t need to add a starting pitcher. They also need bullpen help. For a little help, they turn to the Chicago White Sox.

Impending free agent Lucas Giolito is the answer for the Mets’ rotation woes. Reliever Liam Hendriks, who has been linked to the Mets in the past as a trade target, comes along with him. The White Sox will be one of the biggest sellers at this year’s trade deadline. Several expiring contracts, a few big ones they’d like to get rid of, and a variety of players to move would make them a good match with the Mets.

Of course, in this reality, Jerry Reinsdorf is friends with Steve Cohen. Talk about a world much different from ours. 

Instead of adding a starting pitcher and reliever, the Mets are more likely to sell Carlos Carrasco and David Robertson. Both are on expiring contracts and only Robertson should bring the Mets back something of value. He’s far from a trade candidate in this fantasy world of the Mets buying. He leads the league in holds and Edwin Diaz is having a repeat of 2022.

Giolito has already found his way to the Los Angeles Angels in our world in what appears to be a trade between Cohen haters Reinsdorf and Arte Moreno. In this much different alternative timeline where we have hot dogs for fingers (a plot point in last year's Best Picture winner by the way), Moreno calls up Cohen to congratulate him after the Mets land Giolito. They go out for frozen yogurt after because fro-yo is still a thing people do in that place.