2 former Mets they just traded bound for a deep playoff run, 2 who won't even make the postseason

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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Former NY Mets pitcher David Robertson won’t be going to the playoffs with the Marlins

David Robertson already blew a game for the spiraling Miami Marlins. One of baseball’s bigger surprises this year, they’ve been exposed over the last few weeks as a much more average team than their record says they are. Would anyone be all that surprised if the Mets somehow caught them? Maybe that’s a little too ambitious, but it’s hard to see how the Marlins can keep up with other clubs in the wild card race.

In fact, there are teams behind who’ve spent a lot of the year behind the Marlins who might be better. The Chicago Cubs refused to sell and are one of the longer shots to catch them. The San Diego Padres, a team that has underachieved almost as greatly as the Mets this year, could do the same.

Unfortunately for Robertson, he was sent to a team with a slim shot at making it to the playoffs. The Marlins did buy at the trade deadline, but the kind of significant upgrade made by the already superior Astros and Rangers wasn’t executed.

When Robertson was traded by the Mets, fans were ready to welcome him back next year. Seeing as the team might have plans to wait and contend in 2025 eliminates that plan. Instead, Robertson will go down as one of those impressive one-year Mets who left before we were ready to say goodbye.