2 former Mets they just traded bound for a deep playoff run, 2 who won't even make the postseason

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
Washington Nationals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Former NY Mets pitcher Max Scherzer will have a shot at postseason redemption in Texas

The first trade to really shake up the Mets in an unexpected way sent Max Scherzer to the Texas Rangers. They seem as tough as anyone in MLB this year. Their “all-in” approach during the offseason continued to the trade deadline when they sought out another Mets ace to replace the one they lost for the year, Jacob deGrom.

Mets fans might not have much of a rooting interest in the American League West, but the addition of Scherzer onto the roster competing alongside the Astros for a division title adds a whole lot of intrigue. It’ll be exhausting for the rest of the year with the chance of us seeing both ex-Mets battle it out.

Moreover, what’s it going to feel like to see an ALCS game started with Verlander facing off against Scherzer?

It’s practically a guarantee the Astros and Rangers make it to the playoffs. How deep will the two make it? An all-Texas ALCS would be wild with a stronger storyline added in because of the connection of Verlander and Scherzer. It was already in existence because of the pair being former teammates with the Detroit Tigers. Add in their time with the Mets and how it all ended, we’ll know baseball is scripted if these two go toe-to-toe in an elimination game this October.