2 former Mets they just traded bound for a deep playoff run, 2 who won't even make the postseason

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
Washington Nationals v New York Mets / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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The New York Mets had a more active trade deadline than expected thanks to some deals involving more than their rentals. They shipped players out to a mix of first place clubs and those looking up at the final wild card spot.

The Mets will play out the final games of their 2023 regular season schedule outside of the postseason. As it turns out, so will a few of the players they traded.

At least a couple of the Mets they traded away will make it to the playoffs. Can they pull off a deep postseason run? Can these other two defy the odds and actually make it into the playoffs or will they be done just as quickly as the Mets?

Former NY Mets pitcher Justin Verlander is bound for a deep playoff run with the Astros

The Houston Astros reacquired Justin Verlander in what was the most stunning of the trade deadline moves of all. It wasn’t until Friday when it looked like the Mets were ready to start trading more than their players on expiring contracts. Dealing Verlander never seemed like a possibility. The trade deadline got closer. The rumors picked up.

Because the Mets were willing to eat such a significant portion of the money owed to Verlander, a deal with the Astros was able to get done. He’s now thrust back into a pennant race yet again in Houston only a few months after helping them take down the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series.

The Astros will have a tougher time this year in what looks like a far more stacked American League. Within their own division is a tough team with the other ex-Mets player poised for a deep playoff run.