Willson Contreras and 3 other potential Mets trade targets not coming to Flushing this year

Chicago Cubs v New York Mets
Chicago Cubs v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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Willson Contreras rumors linking him to the New York Mets was speculative at best. With James McCann underperforming, it made some sense for the Mets to at least consider the hot-hitting Chicago Cubs catcher. However, with McCann able to play well behind the plate and already having a relationship with the pitchers, it’s too big of a risk to move on.

Contreras isn’t the only once-sought-after trade target for the Mets we can already write off. There are three others I’m convinced aren’t going to Flushing in anything more than the road greys.

1) NY Mets trade target Josh Bell isn’t coming here

Josh Bell is having the kind of season we could only hope Dominic Smith would put together. The Washington Nationals first baseman is in the final year of his contract and set to hit the open market. He has become a prime trade candidate for a contender like the Mets to scout.

However, with the Nationals sharing a division, it’s already tough to land him. Add in the fact that Bell isn’t just a salary dump or an aging rental. He is a very productive player and someone that the Nationals can easily get some good value back in return for.

There’s already an added price on Bell in any trade negotiation with the Mets because of the rivalry. Add in how well he is playing plus the market of available players, the Nationals could get a much better haul from someone else. The Mets don’t seem interested in subtracting any major pieces from their farm system. Even if they were willing to part with Ronny Mauricio, swapping him straight up for Bell doesn’t feel like quite enough.

Bell will get traded. It just won’t be to the Mets.