5 under the radar pitchers the Mets could target before the trade deadline

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NY Mets under the radar trade target: Matt Foster

The White Sox were supposed to contend, but might decide to sell some pieces at the deadline.

Foster has appeared in 39 games and pitched 36.1 innings. He’s allowed 33 hits, 19 earned runs, 11 walks, and struck out 37. His ERA is 4.71, his FIP is 4.13, his WHIP is 1.21, and his ERA+ is 85. 

Most of the Baseball Savant metrics have him as being about average at most things. He’s got two dark red circles: 77th percentile in barrel rate and 75th percentile in hard hit rate. He’s also only got two dark blues: 25th percentile in whiff rate and 30th percentile in chase rate. Everything else is pretty much average.

Foster has five pitches, but really only throws two. He throws his four-seamer about 49% of the time, and his slider 34%. The remaining 17% is split between his curveball and changeup. He is mostly a fly-ball pitcher, getting almost 43% of his batted balls in the air.

The White Sox were supposed to run away with the AL Central this year, but they’ve been a .500 team and currently sit in third place. They are three games back in the division and 3.5 games back from the last wild card slot. If they decide that this isn’t their year, they could sell some pieces over the next two weeks. Foster is 27 and has four years of control remaining, so that could make it somewhat expensive, but it also fills a bullpen spot for the foreseeable future.