5 Mets trade targets under 30 to swing a deal for this offseason

Improving and getting younger should be two of David Stearns' goals for the 2024 offseason
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4) NY Mets trade target under 30 to pursue this offseason: Luis Robert Jr.

The Chicago White Sox are a mess. They've had some movement within their front office and appear to have massive team chemistry issues. There's always the chance new Chicago GM Chris Getz blows everything up and if Luis Robert Jr. becomes available, David Stearns must pounce.

The White Sox have been another one of the most disappointing teams in the league this season, but Robert has been one of their few players to watch. We had heard all about his potential for years, but the young outfielder had failed to stay healthy for a full season. He had never played more than 98 games in his first three MLB seasons. This season he's stayed healthy, and has put up MVP-caliber numbers.

Robert is slashing .266/.319/.539 with 35 home runs and 75 RBI in 137 games for Chicago this season. He was an all-star for the first time, and has tacked on 35 doubles and 17 stolen bases. He's a true five-tool player who would excel in New York.

The 26-year-old has two more guaranteed years left of the initial six-year deal he signed with the White Sox, and has two more club option years after those worth $20 million each. He'd cost a haul, but assuming he can stay healthy, would be more than worth the hefty price.