5 Mets trade targets under 30 to swing a deal for this offseason

Improving and getting younger should be two of David Stearns' goals for the 2024 offseason
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3) NY Mets trade target under 30 to pursue this offseason: David Bednar

We've gone through the best starting pitcher and position player available, and now let's go over the best reliever that would be available via trade. Josh Hader is the best reliever available, but he's a free agent. Bednar would be lighter on Steve Cohen's pockets for now, but would cost prospect capital. He's worth inquiring if Pittsburgh really does make him available like they did at the trade deadline.

Bednar has become one of the best closers in the game at 28 years old, but he doesn't get much recnognition as a closer for the small-market Pirates who haven't been competitive. Bednar has a 1.89 ERA in 60 appearances and 62 innings pitched. He's allowed just two home runs all year and has converted 35 of his 38 save opportunities.

The idea of the Mets trading one of their top prospects for a reliever is not one the Mets should consider, but combining some of their mid-level prospects or maybe someone like Mark Vientos in an effort to acquire him should absolutely be on the table.

Bednar is entering his first year of arbitration eligibility which means the Mets would have him for three years before he hits free agency. Bednar setting up for Edwin Diaz would make the Mets borderline unstoppable in the late innings.