5 Mets trade targets under 30 to swing a deal for this offseason

Improving and getting younger should be two of David Stearns' goals for the 2024 offseason

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2) NY Mets trade target under 30 to pursue this offseason: Juan Soto

Burnes is the best pitcher the Mets can pursue that's under 30 this offseason, and Soto is the best hitter. The Padres have had arguably a more disappointing season than the Mets have, and will now be faced with a very difficult decision.

Soto has shown no interest in signing a long-term extension anywhere, so the Padres can risk losing him for nothing next offseason as he enters his final year of team control, or they can trade him now while his value is still quite high and get much of what they gave Washington to acquire him in the first place.

The Padres have had a down year, but that's not Soto's fault as the 24-year-old has slashed .262/.399/.494 with 30 home runs and 90 RBI. He leads the league in walks once again, and is sixth in OPS. Soto got off to a slow start this season, but has a .924 OPS since May 1 with 25 of his 30 home runs. He's been the superstar Mets fans strongly disliked when he was in Washington for five of the six months this season.

The Mets are one of few teams in baseball that would actually meet Soto's lofty free agency demands, and with San Diego having so much long-term money on the books, I'm not so sure that they're part of that group. Again, the Mets have the prospect capital, it's about whether San Diego wants to move him at all, and whether they want to move him to another team in the National League.