3 high-salaried future Mets trade targets sitting on the Rockies roster

If the Rockies decide to cut payroll, these three players could be a match for the Mets.
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3) Daniel Bard

Out of these three options, Daniel Bard is the one the Mets would have the greatest shot at landing. He was no longer the team’s closer last season after a spectacular 2022 campaign. Owed $9.5 million, the 39-year-old wouldn’t cost much at all. After all, he walked 49 batters in only 49.1 innings last season.

The Mets would obviously be hoping for something closer to previous performances. A miniscule 1.79 ERA in 2022 remains tempting to recapture.

Despite the atrocious walk total—which equated to more than his 8.6 strikeouts per 9—Bard managed to maintain a very average 4.56 ERA. His 111 ERA+ puts him above league average and yet the 6.13 FIP and 1.70 WHIP are two terrible signs that Bard has sung his last song.

A trade for him might only work if the Rockies are eating a part of the salary. He’d fit in nicely alongside many of the other Mets bullpen additions this offseason with something to recapture. The problem with him is a salary just under $10 million is significantly more than any other reliever David Stearns has added this offseason. The Rockies would need to first show they have the desire to pay a player to go somewhere else. One of baseball’s more mysterious clubs over the last few years in the way they’ve operated, they’re likely more apt to hold onto him and see if they can drive up the price midseason.

When he'd be the best fit for the Mets: At the 2024 trade deadline when the team finds itself in possession of a wild card spot.