3 high-salaried future Mets trade targets sitting on the Rockies roster

If the Rockies decide to cut payroll, these three players could be a match for the Mets.
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2) Ryan McMahon

Trading for Rockies third baseman might require the Mets to cut the cord on Brett Baty because he’s certainly not coming to Flushing to share any playing time. Although far less productive than Nolan Arenado in his peak days with the Rockies, McMahon can do some of the same things well.

McMahon can be compared to Matt Chapman with a few notes. He’ll probably hit for a higher average than Chapman but his power ceiling isn’t the same. He’s an excellent defensive player who has yet to earn a Gold Glove in part because of the existence of Arenado in the National League with the St. Louis Cardinals. He’s a criminally underrated defensive player lost on a Rockies ball club that hasn’t achieved much.

McMahon is owed $56 million over the next four seasons. On a Rockies ball club that seems to constantly chase its own tail, getting out from under his contract could be a worthwhile venture. 

At $12 million in the coming season, McMahon isn’t too burdensome of a payroll hit. However, his offensive hasn’t quite reached up to where anyone would expect it to be. He has averaged 22 home runs and 75 RBI per 162 games in his career. Unable to take full advantage of Coors Field, he’s only a lifetime .268/.342/.493 hitter there. Away from those friendly confines is a .216/.303/.358 hitter. 

McMahon somehow has the same exact number of strikeouts on the road vs. home and only two more walks. It’s everywhere else where he has outshined in the thin Denver air. With a difference of about 100 plate appearances more at home, McMahon has 92 more RBI. If he did in fact ever become available, it’s the glove teams would chase after most. The bat away from Coors Field hasn't been much better than what the Mets already have.

When he'd be the best fit for the Mets: Next offseason when David Stearns decides he wants a third baseman who can play the position extremely well.