5 under-the-radar position players the Mets should target before the trade deadline

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NY Mets under the radar trade target: Michael Chavis

The once-heralded prospect has turned into a fairly reliable power hitter. 

Chavis is hitting .240/.280/.419/.699 with 10 homers and doubles and 32 RBI’s. He’s got a 95 OPS+. He’s in the 65th percentile in barrel rate and 61st percentile in hard hit rate. He’s also got speed in his favor, as his sprint speed is in the 88th percentile.

Chavis has mostly played first base throughout his career, but he’s moved around a bit, also making appearances at second, third, and in both corner outfield spots. He’s one of those guys who came up without a position, but has the kind of bat you want to get in the lineup. He’s basically an adequate defender around the infield, and a little below average in the corner outfield spots.

I think Chavis would be a great addition to the bench. His versatility is pretty similar to Brad Miller’s, but he can provide a little more offense. He would essentially take on Dom Smith’s role, but with the ability to move around more. He’s a pretty decent first baseman, so he could get Alonso off his feet from time to time.

Chavis is still just 26 years old, even though it feels like he’s been around awhile. He’s arbitration eligible for the first time this winter, and he will be a free agent in 2026. This should be another fairly cheap option for the Mets, as the Pirates probably don’t see him as a building block for their future.