4 trade targets that could replace Max Scherzer

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It’s a long shot that the Mets go after a big name, but Luis Castillo is available. Just saying.

Castillo started the year on the injured list, and since coming back, he’s made two starts that are oddly similar and less-than exciting. 

The overall numbers aren’t pretty. In 9.2 innings, he’s given up seven hits, six runs, four walks, and only struck out four batters. His ERA is 5.59, his FIP is 5.57, his WHIP is 1.14, and his ERA+ is 84, which is 16% below average. His first start was five innings, four hits, one walk, and three earned runs, while the second was 4.2 innings, three hits, walks, and runs.

In a very small sample size, so small that his percentile don't register on Savant, his barrel rate (10.7), exit velocity (91.9 miles per hour), and walk rate (10.3) are all the highest of his career, while his strikeout rate is the lowest at 17.9%. His velocity on all of his pitches is down around two miles per hour, but that’s not entirely surprising coming off of a shoulder injury. He is still getting back into the groove of baseball, and he’ll be fine in the long run.

The Reds aren’t doing anything this year. Realistically, they’re not doing anything until the Castellinis sell the team to owners who care about baseball. Castillo hits free agency after next season, and with no chance of getting re-signed, they might as well move him before then. His extra year of control next year only adds to the expense. This isn’t a likely acquisition for the Mets, but it would certainly be a fun one and I think Jeremy Hefner could fix him.

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