3 Mets trade targets who could give them high-leverage relief innings

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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2) Tanner Scott

The Miami Marlins have been out of the race for a playoff spot since early in the season. In this sense, the Florida team will be listening to several players on its roster, especially starting pitchers like Jesus Luzardo and relievers like Tanner Scott.

Scott is in a second consecutive season of good results. After a 2023 season, where he posted a 2.31 ERA where he achieved his highest strikeout rate of his career with 33.9%, he finds himself in 2024 showing dominance on the mound.

Scott is a two-pitch pitcher who has become elite. His fastball, which he throws at an average velocity of 96.5 mph, has managed to keep the hitter's batting average below .100 while his slugging percentage is at an incredible level below .150. Likewise, his slider induces limited contact by generating almost 40% swing and miss although, in the contact they manage to connect with it, it has a slugging rate above .400.

Likewise, its rate of inducing ground balls continues to increase over the years, which is a significant aspect because, when combined with a low hard-hit contact allowed, the positive results in favor of the pitcher increase. Scott is a pitcher who would cover two essential aspects that the Mets bullpen lacks, a reliable pitcher in high-leverage situations and a dominant left-handed pitcher, something they lost with the injury of Brooks Raley.