3 Mets trade targets who could give them high-leverage relief innings

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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The New York Mets have been playing better baseball recently, slightly changing the narrative regarding the next trade deadline. The organization will have to make transcendental decisions regarding their approach regarding whether they decide to become buyers or sellers by the end of July.

The playoffs extended to a third wild card open possibilities regarding a possible push for the team this season. In this sense, if they become buyers, the Mets need considerable support in the high-leverage situation of their bullpen where these three options fulfill the purpose of efficient pitchers, with some experience and a relatively affordable cost.

1) Ryan Pressly

The Houston Astros are playing below expectations in this 2024 season. Additionally, the injuries that have attacked the starting pitching rotation and inconsistencies of players in the offense and the bullpen make a call to consider this successful organization as sellers by this next deadline.

Among the team's transfer options are rental players such as Alex Bregman. However, there are other players, such as veteran Ryan Pressly, who could be on the trade market after presenting inconsistency for the second consecutive year in his numbers.

Even in a mixed scenario in which the team seeks to buy and sell players to stay in the race for qualification, trading Pressly would not be a crazy idea. The Astros setup man and former closer finds himself with an ERA north of 5.00 due to an increase in hard-hit contact allowed and a higher percentage of walks issued, the highest since his debut.

However, some points show a possible positive regression for Pressly this season. According to Statcast's expected metrics, his expected ERA is below 4.00 thanks to better efficiency of his slider and curveball, two important pitches in his repertoire.

In this sense, Pressly should try to modify the distribution of use of his pitches to achieve better results. He had increased the use of his fastball, using it as his main pitch when in previous years he depended more on his slider and curve, a pitch that manages to induce a contact of less strength, a fundamental aspect for a pitcher of his age who is beginning to lose the speed of his pitches.

The cost to acquire a pitcher like Pressly due to his results in 2024 and last season makes him a buy-low candidate for the Mets. Pressly would become the team's setup man, supporting pitchers like Reed Garrett in their workload and serving as a relevant bridge for Edwin Diaz in a run for a playoff spot.