Mets trade target power rankings: All-Star closer tops this week's list

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It’s time for round two of the New York Mets trade target power rankings. We have some replacements this week, including a new #1.

Tanner Scott was #1 last week, but after watching him pitch at Citi Field this weekend, he’s off this week’s rankings. While the stuff is electric and the strikeouts are impressive, the control is a huge problem with him. They Mets already have a few shaky arms that I don’t trust in their bullpen, so adding another doesn’t make sense. There are three relievers on this list to address those issues.

I also decided to take Luis Castillo off the list. With Scherzer back, deGrom on the rise, and Walker dominating, they really don’t need a star-level starter. If they want to go get a stud, I won’t complain, but the focus really needs to be on the bullpen and the DH spot, so that’s where all of the players in this ranking play.

5. NY Mets trade target: A.J. Puk

With Chasen Shreve being DFA’d, the Mets would definitely benefit from adding another lefty to the bullpen. Joely Rodriguez has been good, but it’s nice to have another option to give him rest days or in case there’s a second situation in a game where you need another lefty. Puk is mostly a ground ball pitcher, so he would greatly benefit from having some combination of Lindor, McNeil, and Guillorme behind him. Another really impressive thing about him is his command, with a strikeout to walk ratio greater than 5:1.

4. NY Mets trade target: Ji-Man Choi

I would love to see Ji-Man dancing in Queens, so he stays in the same spot as last week. He would slot into the DH spot on most days, giving the Mets left-handed power they just don’t have. He would play first on the days that Pete Alonso needs a day off or when he DH’s. He’d essentially take Dom Smith’s role.

3. NY Mets trade target: David Robertson

Robertson stays in the same spot as well. He’s a solid, reliable arm in the back of the bullpen. There’s not really much else to say about him. He’s boring in the sense that he just does his job repeatedly without issue. 

2. NY Mets trade target: Trey Mancini

Mancini is my first choice solution for the Mets’ DH spot. Not only does he rake, and keep in mind he will benefit from leaving that new left field wall in Baltimore, but he also has more positional versatility than most DH’s. He can get Pete off his feet at first base, and play the corner outfield spots when needed as well.

1. NY Mets trade target: David Bednar

The new #1 is a reliever who is having an excellent season. His strikeout to walk ratio is greater than 4.5:1, and his ERA and FIP are nearly identical, so there shouldn’t be much fluctuation in his game in the second half. Another thing that makes him attractive is the control he has left. He’s not a free agent until 2027.

Check back next week to see what changes!

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