3 reasons the Mets trade proposal by Bo Porter for Shohei Ohtani is nonsense

Los Angeles Dodgers v Los Angeles Angels
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3) The LA Angels aren't selling Shohei Ohtani anyway

Don't be surprised if the Angels decide to keep Ohtani. As a matter of fact, they will keep Ohtani and most likely Rendon and Renfroe who were included in this proposed trade. But especially Ohtani, he's not leaving Anaheim anytime soon.

As it stands right now, the Angels are still in the playoff mix and are having a really good season by their standards. So, it would not make any sense if the Angels decide to trade Ohtani by the trading deadline. They're hovering around the Wild Card and have played really well as of late so why would the Angels wanna sell anyway. It is the first time in a while that this team is contending this deep into the MLB Season and this is exactly what Ohtani and the Angels were hoping for in 2023.

Also, with all of the Mets recent woes and being unable to find any kind of sustainable success in the month of June, the Mets will to be buyers around the trading deadline unless they turn things around in a big way. I know Steve Cohen said that the team won't be selling, but if they can't right the ship, there's no point in even exploring a trade for a player like Ohtani. The Angels have not indicated that they're going to trade Ohtani and I guarantee you it won't happen. They're heading in the right direction while the Mets are going down a hill. They will not be sellers at the trading deadline.