3 reasons the Mets trade proposal by Bo Porter for Shohei Ohtani is nonsense

Los Angeles Dodgers v Los Angeles Angels
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2) NY Mets need to stay away from injured and expensive Anthony Rendon

It's not just Ohtani who's included in this trade proposed by Porter, it is also third baseman Anthony Rendon and Mets fans are very familiar with Rendon who spent his first six seasons in the major leagues from 2013-2019 with the Washington Nationals. Rendon opted to leave the Nats after winning their first World Series in team history to sign a lucrative 7-year, $245 million deal with the Angels.

The contract so far has not worked in favor of the Angels as Rendon has suffered multiple season-ending injuries only playing 58 games in 2021 and 47 in 2022. Even though he's been able to stay healthy so far in 2023, trading for Rendon with all of the injury history he's had is a very risky move for this team to make. Plus, they will have to take on the remaining years of his current contract and the Mets have past experience of taking on veteran players' remaining contracts like Robinson Cano's most recently.

Also, do the Mets really need Rendon on their team? I do not see any place on this roster for Rendon to fit with this team. The Mets already have their third baseman in Brett Baty and I guess you could possibly fit him in the DH spot, that's still a spot I don't see him fitting on this roster with other emerging players like Mark Vientos and Mauricio just to name a few. I just don't think adding Rendon to this team is a smart move, especially with the injury history he has. It just doesn't make sense.