Why Juan Soto would make sense at any prospect cost

Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game One
Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game One / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

There aren’t any bigger New York Mets trade rumors out there other than their expected pursuit in Washington Nationals star Juan Soto. According to Jon Heyman of the NY Post, they are one of the teams exploring a deal for the outfielder.

It was the biggest story in the baseball world this weekend right before the All-Star Break. Forget the pennant race, the best players in the game coming together on one field, and everything else taking place in the sport. It’s all Juan Soto, all the time.

As Mets fans mull over the idea, we have to wonder, is he worth the prospect haul it would take to land him? For even a single championship, most fans probably would.

NY Mets trade rumors: Juan Soto is the ultimate win-now addition at a high cost worth contemplating

Whatever it is the Mets would end up sending the Nationals, the farm system is going to look like a forest fire went through there while salting the earth. It’s going to cost them a lot. Nothing is too ridiculous because of the bidding war that will ensue. Just when you think a trade package for Soto has everything the Nationals could ever want, think again.

To see legitimate Mets trade rumors linking them to Soto is promising. It means the club is willing to go as far as possible. They remain diligent even with the preposterous idea that they could swing such a major move within the division.

A Soto trade would one of the biggest of all-time in Major League Baseball if not the largest. Even when Alex Rodriguez was sent to the New York Yankees or Babe Ruth was sent to the New York Yankees or—let’s stop here before we send Soto to the New York Yankees.

If the Mets were to pull this off, they would be in win-now mode through 2024. That’s two and a half years to build a dynasty, swing for the fences, and meet the goal of winning a championship or two or three. They would have to do it without a farm system coming up with heavy reinforcements. If we look at this year’s squad, they don’t have any major impact rookies. It’s only after a few years when they would feel the pain of trading for Soto. This is the price of snagging a superstar ahead of free agency.

Mets trade rumors, along with all of the rumblings from other organizations, have gone quiet since we learned about Soto’s availability on Saturday. Things should pick up again soon while Soto remains a major focus of the Mets and everyone else.

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