2 familiar trade candidates from the offseason on the radar again

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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The New York Mets have a new deal with Chris Bassitt but that won’t stop them from looking at some of their other trade candidates from the offseason. The latest Mets rumors from Jon Heyman tell us that the club has been scouting Frankie Montas and Tyler Mahle.

Often discussed in Mets trade rumors throughout the entire offseason, it’s no surprise to see this club completing their due diligence in looking for some rotation answers whether it be now or for the future.

Mets trade rumors season is beginning early this year

Down Max Scherzer through most of the first half, these latest Mets trade rumors suggest a big answer could be on the horizon. Both Montas’ Oakland Athletics and Mahle’s Cincinnati Reds are already out of the playoff picture. If Billy Eppler can blow either club away with an offer, they don’t have any reason to not cut a deal.

The Reds’ desire to make a trade now is probably less likely than the A’s. Cincinnati did sell this offseason but they also bought lightly. Their turmoil in 2022 was unexpected. Oakland, on the other hand, has actually surpassed early expectations. That’s not to suggest they are any good. They are trending downward and will continue to do so.

It’s not unusual for scouts to keep tabs on players their employer was already interested in. After all, there wasn’t much watching of big league pitchers they could have done over the winter. Trades of this magnitude in May or June are rare when the deadline is at the end of July or in this year’s case, early August. This year could be a little different with the shortened period of time over the winter when trades could even be made.

The timing of Tylor Megill’s return should factor in largely if the Mets pull off a deal at this level. David Peterson’s performance should also play a role in how hard the Mets buy.

But they should be cautious. They aren’t the only team losing pitchers. Other clubs would also want to make upgrades over what they already have.

Trades at this point of the season are rare only until they’re not. We know already there won’t be a repeat of the 1990 World Series between the Reds and Athletics. Montas and Mahle are available. It’s just a matter of who gets them and when they’re dealt.

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