2 high-priced veterans named as possible Mets trade targets

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Speculation as to what different teams will do at this year’s trade deadline is beginning to make its way into the news cycle. One of the latest New York Mets rumors feature ESPN’s Buster Olney naming two potential targets for the club to add midseason.

One is a member of the Cincinnati Reds and a guy you know best as a member of the 2015 Kansas City Royals, Mike Moustakas. The other began his career as a Mets rival playing for the Atlanta Braves. Now with the Chicago Cubs on a contract that just won’t end, Olney names outfielder Jason Heyward as the other National League Central to appear as a future candidate for Mets trade rumors.

These Mets trade rumors are based on the fact that Steve Cohen has endless riches

The logic for these two is simple. Obviously, with neither the Reds nor Cubs making a serious push toward the playoffs, both players would become available. Furthermore, it’s Mets owner Steve Cohen and his vast riches which has led Olney to believe either could end up in Flushing.

Moustakas is a corner infielder owed $16 million this year with an $18 million guaranteed for next season. In 2024, there’s a $4 million buyout option if his $20 million isn’t picked up.

This large and lucrative contract is definitely something the Reds would like to get out from under. In a trade programmed merely to absorb a portion of the contract and maybe also receive another player in return as well, it does sound doable.

Of course, with Moustakas on the roster, the Mets would need to make some changes down the line. This could mean parting with Dominic Smith or demoting him until he finds his 2020 swing again.

Heyward is far less attractive as a role player for the Mets. He has $22 million owed to him this year with the same setup for 2023. It feels a lot like Robinson Cano all over again except he plays the outfield.

A former Gold Glove winner, Heyward’s defensive numbers are on the decline this year but it might have something to do with moving to center field. Far better suited for right field action, it does seem a little burdensome for the Mets roster. At his best, he isn’t even as good as Travis Jankowski.

Two rather underwhelming names in early Mets trade rumors shouldn’t have fans feeling like the team will actually make these kinds of mistakes in July. There is definitely logic to Olney’s thinking. Each would fill in as a bench piece for the Mets and not cost much in terms of prospects.

The better move, however, would be to find someone for the starting lineup that then moves a weak starter to the bench. Build from the top then move pieces to the bottom—not the other way around.

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