4 Mets trade reunion candidates still available on the block

New York Mets v San Francisco Giants
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3) NY Mets trade reunion: Wilmer Flores

There wouldn’t be anything more romantic than Wilmer Flores ending up back with the Mets for a pennant run. The day to do it was July 31 on the anniversary of his big walk-off home run. Don’t fret. He is still available. Maybe Eppler isn’t as up-to-date with his Mets history as we’d like.

Flores is having an okay year with the San Francisco Giants after starting much better. He’s now slashing .248/.328/.445 with 15 home runs and 55 RBI. He’d actually, in a lot of ways, be a great platoon piece to pair with Daniel Vogelbach. Flores can play first base, second base, and third base regularly while providing the Mets with the kind of defensive depth Vogelbach cannot. He also hits right-handed and has been pretty good against southpaws throughout his career.

A pure rental, Flores is the kind of guy a team would look to add at the trade deadline for his clutch-hitting abilities and history of coming up big. Nobody knows about this more than a Mets fan.

What Flores isn’t is a particularly good fielder or the big bopper many of us believed this team would end up with. The Mets may only have room to add one more bat outside of a potential catcher upgrade. Flores, as much as we all love him, might feel a little too minor.