3 Mets players worth trading for a rental this summer

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NY Mets should hesitate to trade Jake Mangum in the right deal

Jake Mangum is climbing up the Mets prospect rankings and has continued to hit at a high level ever since getting promoted to Triple-A. A lighter-hitting outfielder with some speed, there are a couple of downsides to him.

Mangum is already 26. While not a deterrent in keeping him around for a bench role in the future, one has to wonder what his exact ceiling may even be.

To his credit, Mangum has developed some decent power. Last year, he hit 9 home runs and had 22 doubles—all mostly at the Double-A level. It was an improvement over what he did in college when he never had a year of more than 3 home runs.

Mangum could easily become a regular on the Mets bench as soon as this season. Let’s ask ourselves this: is a bench player something to hold onto too tightly if there’s a chance to improve the current roster with a rental addition?

It wouldn’t make much sense for the Mets to trade Mangum for a similar veteran rental who can hit for a high average. They would serve themselves better to simply promote him to the big leagues and see if his hot bat can remain on fire.

If the Mets are going to add anything this summer, it’s going to take minor league talent to make it happen. Mangum’s trade value might be at the highest it ever gets. In exchange for a relief pitcher who can hold down the fort, there should be little hesitation.

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