3 Mets players worth trading for a rental this summer

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NY Mets should shop prospect Khalil Lee for a rental

Khalil Lee is the kind of prospect a team looking for an outfielder might be willing to trade a rental for. He is a top ten Mets prospect although this year’s weak performance may have discredited those preseason thoughts.

Working in the Mets’ favor, Lee won’t turn 24 until late June. He’s the kind of prospect that still has value in spite of his struggles. Lee can also play center field which goes a lot further than a guy relegated to the corners.

The Mets haven’t completely given up on Lee and they should hold onto him a little tighter than Smith. However, if they are able to improve the 2022 roster by dealing Lee away even for nothing more than a rental, it’s the right kind of move to make.

Lee shouldn’t have a starting job on the 2023 Mets. The outfield will already be occupied by Mark Canha and Starling Marte. If the front office does the right thing, Brandon Nimmo is also back in the fold.

Nick Plummer seems to have won the battle against Lee as the future fourth/fifth outfielder on the roster. The pair have similar abilities with Plummer standing out plenty in Triple-A this season. More so, Plummer has caught the eye of the Mets with some early success for the team ever since he was promoted.

Lee wouldn’t bring much to the Mets all by himself. Anything you might think the Mets could get for Smith would probably be the same. Lee is just a better option because of years of control left and the ability to play all three outfield positions rather than only first base.