3 Mets players worth trading for a rental this summer

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MLB players on expiring contracts are usually the most available ones at the trade deadline. The New York Mets have added plenty of players fitting this profile in recent years. Yoenis Cespedes and Javier Baez are probably the two most recent and biggest rentals they brought to town ahead of their trip to free agency.

In yet another year where the Mets should be looking to buy, swapping a player with some control for a rental makes a lot of sense. Teams on the other end of trades like that can get the benefit of waiting for a player to develop.

The Mets happen to have three guys whose future with the club is questionable. If they can swap any for a rental, it might be a wise move to make.

NY Mets should absolutely trade Dominic Smith for a rental this summer

Dominic Smith’s trade value may never be lower than it is right now. His demotion to the minor leagues showed everyone just how available he is. The Mets have no real use for him both because he plays first base and hits left-handed. The team has too many better options than to keep him around.

A rental might be the best the Mets could get in exchange for Smith this summer. Maybe a low-level minor leaguer or another ill-fitting major leaguer is possible. More likely, the best the Mets might be able to hope to land is a relief pitcher on an expiring contract.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a particularly good reliever either. In which case, we might have to ask what the point would even be.

Take Mark Melancon for instance. He is expected to become a trade deadline candidate despite having such a poor year. Someone like him—but not him—might be a match for the Mets in a straight one-for-one swap involving Smith. Teams with an opening at first base or the DH role might be tempted enough. New York might be limited here, however. Many teams would probably prefer to have a minor leaguer than someone already in his arbitration years.

If the Mets are able to get back anything for Smith this summer, they may need to accept the deal.