SNY proposes a Mets trade to make with the Diamondbacks that both fanbases will hate

Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers
Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Someone at the SNY crew might be spending today cleaning toilet paper off of their roof. That’s because of a New York Mets trade proposed and reacted to by the team.

It’s utterly outrageous. Doesn’t make any sense. The price is way too much. Here’s the deal proposed to make with the Arizona Diamondbacks:

Luckily, it comes from “Let’s Fake A Deal” which means this didn’t really happen.

Why this NY Mets trade proposal with the Diamondbacks doesn't work

Zac Gallen is a solid pitcher in his mid-20s who probably will win a Cy Young soon. He’s also only 81 starts into his career and a little too green to make such a massive trade. Only 81 starts into his career and about to embark on his first year of arbitration-eligibility, he’d be a dream addition for the Mets to make to their rotation.

Here’s the problem. The Diamondbacks like him. They’re a ball club on the rise. They have absolutely no reason to deal him away right now. What they’d get back, Kevin Parada and Alex Ramirez as the standouts, set them back. The Diamondbacks have already done the trade players away thing. They should be holding strong and possibly looking to add. With Madison Bumgarner making lots of cash and on the decline, having a pitcher like Gallen on the roster can make a huge difference in their fortunes.

Not to mention, they already have a surplus of youthful outfielders. The trade doesn’t make sense for them. It might actually make less sense for the Mets.

Why give up Ramirez in a deal like this? Parada is expendable because of Francisco Alvarez. Ramirez, even with Brandon Nimmo re-signed, is someone the Mets need to slap the untouchable label on.

Then there’s the matter of acquiring Mark Melancon. He is no longer an attractive trade piece. Out of the Arizona bullpen last season, Melancon was 3-10 with a 4.66 ERA. He turns 38 in March. He’s a closer without strong strikeout numbers. He’s signed to only $6 million for next year which means nothing to the mighty Mets and their endless cash flow courtesy of Steve Cohen.

It’s the giving up Ramirez and addition of Melancon that had Mets fans ratio’ing this trade proposal. Is it fair? Possibly. It’s also filling a need on the Mets roster they should simply fix through free agency. Gallen’s trade value is at an all-time high. He’ll cost a lot to obtain. Save a trade like this for a desperate Hail Mary at the trade deadline.

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