Ridiculously dissatisfying Mets trade idea sends Pete Alonso to the Mariners

These are the wrong players to target for Pete Alonso even in a down year.
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Jim Bowden does it again! Coming up with an A+ trade idea to satisfy both fanbases is impossible. All we ask is for something more reasonable. Bowden missed the mark with a trade idea he put together (subscription required) which would send Pete Alonso to the Seattle Mariners.

First of all, is there nothing else to discuss at the moment aside from dismantling the Mets mid-year? They are playing pretty good ball. We just have to hope the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies don’t knock them down too hard because if that happens we’re going to get another month of Alonso trade speculation despite the team being right there in the Wild Card race.

Oh, you came here for a bad trade. This is it. This is what Bowden suggests David Stearns acquire for Alonso.

Alonso trade

This mock Mets trade sending Pete Alonso to the Mariners is weak

The idea of trading Alonso for a first baseman itself doesn’t work so well. The team has plenty of other options already. In fact, ask most fans, they’d be willing to just go into 2025 with Mark Vientos at the position. Ty France isn’t exactly the dream candidate to replace Alonso. Other than getting hit by pitches a ton, he comes nowhere close to replacing the big guy.

France is a one-time All-Star whose career high in home runs is 20. He hit .250/.337/.366 last year for Seattle with only 12 home runs in 665 plate appearances. This year is worse at .248/.307/.344 in his first 137 chances.

We know we’re right to think this trade stinks because our pals at SoDo Mojo love it. They root for the Mariners. Why wouldn't they?

France has only one more year of control than Alonso. A free agent after the 2025 season, a lighter hitting first baseman who doesn’t hit for average or play great defense is not the way to go.

The other player in this trade, Emerson Hancock, is a little more in line with what the Mets should be looking for and yet now all that satisfying. The sixth overall pick from the 2020 MLB Draft, the righty turns 25 at the end of May. Through 10 MLB starts which began last year he’s 3-3 with a 5.05 ERA. Hancock made the leap from Double-A to the majors in 2023 while never posting spectacular minor league numbers. He finished last year ranked as the organization’s fourth-best prospect.

Alonso’s early struggles will force the Mets into asking for less in exchange for their big trade piece if they do end up selling. This trade offers them far too little than what they deserve to get. A struggling first baseman with no super skill? A younger pitcher yet to do much at the major league level whose MLB clock has already started ticking?

It’ll be hard to satisfy any Mets fan with a reasonable Alonso-based trade. And even those willing to part with him should come away from this idea feeling a little sick. If you don’t root for the Mets, just be satisfied Bowden isn’t running your team.