3 Mets trade deadline packages to improve the top of their farm system

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2) The Mets should trade Jose Quintana, David Robertson, and left handed pitching prospect Javier Atencio plus cash to the Tampa Bay Rays for Cole Wilcox and Colby White

Another organization that finds itself in need of rotation and bullpen help is the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays find themselves fighting for the lead in their division and need starting pitchers after losing Jeffrey Springs and Drew Rasmussen early in the season.

The Mets could send Jose Quintana, an efficient left-handed pitcher who has a guaranteed contract through 2024, along with David Robertson who has established himself as one of the best closers in MLB this year. This would immediately improve the Rays' chances of beating the Baltimore Orioles in the AL East.

To further boost the return of one of the best farm systems in the league, the Mets can take on both pitchers' 2023 contracts would be ideal for a Tampa organization that doesn't have enough financial slack. Additionally, the Mets can include Javier Atencio, a left-handed pitcher who is currently the No. 24 prospect in the organization, where the Rays could improve their delivery to cut walks and fulfill his potential.

In exchange, the Mets could receive No. 8 prospect from the Rays organization, Cole Wilcox, and No. 26 prospect, Colby White. Both right-handed pitchers, Wilcox has the ceiling of being a frontline starter who has seen his development slowed by Tommy John surgery in 2021 but possesses a power fastball and elite command. White is another pitcher who recently had Tommy John surgery but could be a top reliever soon with a 100 mph fastball and a splitter that works against lefties.

Cole Wilcox would break into the top five of the Mets organization, while Colby White could automatically break into the top 15. This strategy could enhance the Mets' farm system with talent that could be brought in as soon as 2024-2025.