Grading 3 Mets trade packages from 3 teams for 3 players to fill 3 roster needs

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3) NY Mets trade package from the Cardinals: Paul DeJong, Jordan Hicks, Jordan Montgomery

This is a bit funky. The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the biggest surprise disappointments of the year. Drag the Mets and their performance through the mud all you want. The Cardinals are disastrous.

Their trade deadline will include many of the upcoming free agents getting dealt and maybe not so much the prospects. If the Cardinals do indeed become sellers, any trade with the Mets has to begin with shortstop Paul DeJong, right? A known killer of the Amazins, he’s the most reasonable position player for the Mets to land. He has a club option for next season which the Mets could easily decline and turn him into a rental.

For the bullpen, it’s soon-to-be free agent Jordan Hicks. It would be nice if they had a lefty reliever pitcher well or if Hicks didn’t have his own history of imploding. He’s having an okay season. He’d be an improvement over some of those other Mets arms.

The trade package finishes with lefty starter Jordan Montgomery. That’s right. We’re getting two Jordans. Too bad Michael wasn’t available. Montgomery has been one of the many struggling Cardinals players this season leading to such a disaster. If you’d rather have Jack Flaherty, by all means, pick him. On the Mets roster, they’d be a potential upgrade over a guy like Carlos Carrasco who we should still be a little timid about getting through the season.

This trade package is better than the one created from the White Sox yet not nearly as good as the Rockies one. It would cost more to get these three players. They don’t fit in as ideally either. DeJong could give them some starts around the infield but his bat has been unreliable in the majors. Hicks is too wild at times. Montgomery hasn’t looked the same this season.

Trade Package Grade: C if the Mets aren’t giving up any of their best prospects and it feels like they would have to