Grading 3 Mets trade packages from 3 teams for 3 players to fill 3 roster needs

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2) NY Mets trade package from the White Sox: Andrew Benintendi, Liam Hendriks, Lucas Giolito

We turn our attention to a less than perfect trade package received from the Chicago White Sox. Notably, this one might have to include a little bit of cash as well considering the players involved. 

Finding a bat the White Sox would reasonably part with that would fit the Mets was tough. Andrew Benintendi is about it. His terrifyingly big contract without much power at all from a position where we’d like an upgrade immediately sours me on this deal. The only other option would be to acquire Yasmani Grandal as the bat or overpay for Tim Anderson which brings up a whole lot more trouble with Francisco Lindor on the roster. Do we really want a shortstop debate?

Beyond taking on Benintendi and only a portion of his deal from the White Sox, the Mets add Liam Hendriks. He has just gotten back on the field after striking out cancer. We know how elite he can be. Signed for $14.3 million this year and a $15 million club option for next season, he’s someone the Mets could always bring back next year to replace David Robertson if he decides to leave or retire.

Finally, the starting pitcher. The White Sox have several options, but Lucas Giolito seems to fit in as the most likely to get traded/best available. He’s another pure rental for the Mets to consider. He doesn’t have a team option for next year or anything. He’ll flee for free agency.

I don’t like this package nearly as much. The idea of bringing in Benintendi completely spoils the concept. Can we swap him for another bullpen arm like Kendall Graveman? If so, the trade package becomes more appealing yet a bit of a less imperfect fit for what the Mets need. The Rockies trade directly addressed three of their major weaknesses while adding to the starting pitching depth. I’ll pass on this deal. It feels like the Mets would come out with a higher payroll than even Steve Cohen is willing to pay without the reward.

The especially big trouble with thinking about any trade candidate from the White Sox is how much likelier they are to make the postseason than the Mets. The AL Central is a dogfight between average or worst ball clubs. They have a path to win the division that the Mets don't.

Trade Package Grade: D+ under pretty much any circumstances especially with Jerry Reinsdorf adding his own Steve Cohen tax to any deal