You already have an opinion on this Mets trade idea with the Angels, so what is it?

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Noah Syndergaard in a New York Mets uniform isn’t strange to see. Noah Syndergaard back in a New York Mets uniform might feel a little strange.

Syndergaard is quickly becoming one of the more desirable starting pitcher trade candidates out there. With the price on Luis Castillo and Frankie Montas still high, Syndergaard could be seen as an alternative for many teams.

While the Mets don’t currently have any major need to add a starting pitcher, it can be fun to imagine what a trade with the Los Angeles Angels for him might look like.

This Mets trade for Noah Syndergaard would break the internet and cause your router to explode

The trade idea comes courtesy of FanSided’s Seth Carlson. Acknowledging that the Mets may soon have deeper options, he does point out that there is no such thing as too much starting pitching. And with Jacob deGrom yet to pitch in a big league game, perhaps a worst-case scenario could always strike and cause the need to increase.

Here’s the trade Carlson proposes:

It’s not bad. It’s actually intriguing. The Mets open up a roster spot by trading Dominic Smith away and add a starting pitcher they are familiar with already and know more than a little bit about. Junior Santos, meanwhile, is the lone prospect dealt to the Angels. Now in High-A with some nice potential and an imperfect resume thus far, the most unsatisfying part of this deal for the Angels might actually be the inclusion of Smith. Who knows what lies ahead for him?

Smith remains a weird trade candidate for the Mets. He’s young, controllable, and has been good at times. Those times have been far too few. It’s not even about having no place to play him. The DH in the National League has allowed him to co-exist with Pete Alonso. The Mets were patient with him for most of 2021 to allow him at-bats as their everyday left fielder. He didn’t capitalize.

As Carlson suggests, Syndergaard for Smith itself would break the internet. It would also cause your router to explode, convince your WiFi to leave its family, and maybe even force all of social media into hibernation for a few hours. The world might be a little better after that last part. The only thing to make it even more mouthwatering for drama would be if Yoenis Cespedes was somehow involved.

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