Most recent Mets trade with each of their 4 division rivals

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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Mets most recent trade with the Marlins was on February 1, 2021, when they acquired Jordan Yamamoto

The Mets and Florida/Miami Marlins have made a lot of major trades over the years. Al Leiter, Mike Piazza, Carlos Delgado, and Paul Lo Duca were all acquired from the Fish in separate deals. Each clear wins for New York, the two clubs had already done business prior, in between, and even since.

The most recent trade was on February 1, 2021, when the Mets picked up pitcher Jordan Yamamoto in exchange for minor leaguer Federico Polanco. A lighter move to give the Mets a little bit of starting pitching depth, this is one of those deals where the ending has yet to be written.

Yamamoto is still with the Mets but a future with the big league team is unclear. After just 6.2 innings of work for them in 2021, he suffered an injury and wouldn’t see big league action again for the rest of the year. This season, with no current spot on the 40-man roster, it could be tough for him to get back to the big leagues in any capacity.

For his services, the Mets traded Miami a low-level infielder prospect—the aforementioned Polanco. A longshot at this point to make it to the major leagues, it’s a much different trade for these two clubs than some of the ones they have made in the past.