Most recent Mets trade with each of their 4 division rivals

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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Trades within the division are rare but this year is different. The New York Mets managed to do something rarer than strike a deal with another National League East club. They made a trade with their geographical rival New York Yankees!

It was a notable deal, too. Righty reliever Miguel Castro was sent to the Yankees for lefty bullpen arm Joely Rodriguez. This wouldn’t be the kind of deal the Mets would make midseason in 2022 with any of their division rivals. Instead, they’d be looking for veterans and only giving up prospects.

As uncommon as trades between the Mets and their division rivals are, they have happened plenty in the past. For each of the other four teams, these are the most recent.

Mets most recent trade with the Braves was on June 8, 2016, when Kelly Johnson was reacquired

Kelly Johnson was traded from the Atlanta Braves to the Mets in back-to-back seasons. First acquired on July 24, 2015, along with Juan Uribe, the most recent deal between these two clubs took place on June 8, 2016, with Johnson involved yet again.

This time, Johnson and some cash went to Atlanta for Akeel Morris.

Johnson was hitting poorly for the Braves at the time. When he joined the Mets for his final 82 big league games, he began to hit again. Johnson would finish the 2016 season with a .268/.328/.459 slash line as a member of the Mets in 201 plate appearances. He added 9 home runs and drove in 24. As always, he also played a ton of position.

Morris had only pitched 0.2 of an inning for the Mets and had allowed 5 earned runs in the game. For Atlanta, he would give them 7.1 innings in 2017 and allow just a single earned run. Unfortunately, he’d only get 14 more big league innings—all taking place in 2018 as a member of the Los Angeles Angels.

An obvious win for the Mets, it’s the most recent time they have done business with the Braves. Considering Johnson was involved, it just feels right.