Why this Mets trade of bad contracts with the Marlins doesn't work whatsoever

Is there a word shorter than "no" to say to this deal?
New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks
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The New York Mets aren’t alone when it comes to having a desire to dump bad contracts away. Presently on the roster are a couple of pricy deals they could conceivably get rid of. Omar Narvaez is the most practical. There’s also Starling Marte whose final two years will cost them $41.5 million.

Over at Marlin Maniac, they proposed the idea of dumping one of their own bad contracts onto the Mets. Avisail Garcia, who’ll make a guaranteed $29 million over the next three years including an obvious $5 million buyout for 2026, was the bad contract they chose to swap.

Sorry, this just doesn’t work in any way possible. It's pound and penny foolish.

The Mets would gain nothing from this trade idea

For as bad as Marte was last year, he was miles better than Garcia. The bias bleeds through from Marlin Maniac. Garcia was only a .185/.241/.315 hitter in his 118 plate appearances. So far, in two seasons with the Marlins, he has hit a horrendous .215/.260/.316 and played in only 135 games.

But wait, there’s more.

In this trade proposal, it’s suggested the Mets eat a portion of Marte’s contract. When the difference is $12.5 million, what’s the use? Garcia has missed significantly more time than Marte and has been far worse. At the very least, Marte can be a speedy number nine hitter in the final two years of his deal. Garcia will be lucky to start.

Fans of other teams still seem to believe the Mets will gladly take on bad contracts. Since Steve Cohen has taken over as the owner, they have yet to do so. They’ve been willing to eat money by sending a bad contract elsewhere. In this case, there is absolutely zero incentive to do so. The players will become free agents at the same time. There isn’t a large enough of a saving, especially if the Mets were asked to eat a part of the deal.

Most mistaken of all is the suggestion that Marte “isn’t really a fit” for the Mets any longer. And Garcia is?

Nice try. The Mets aren’t trading Marte for an even worse outfielder who’ll still kick them in the payroll jaw. Marte played in more than half of the team’s games last year and had more stolen bases than Garcia had hits. Steve Cohen should fire David Stearns on the spot and not even let him clear out his empty office if this trade happened. Surely there's a hanging folder in one of those drawers.