Fan proposed Mets trade brings back fan favorite Luis Guillorme in a creative way

Who says no to this trade?
St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Angels
St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

New York Mets fans are curious how the team will eventually replace Joey Wendle on the roster. Currently working with Brett Baty as the emergency second baseman and shortstop, they’ll eventually need to replace someone with more of a true utility man.

Wouldn’t you know, a familiar name was in the news the other day and not for the best reason. Los Angeles Angels manager threw Luis Guillorme under the bus for a failed squeeze bunt.

It was just Guillorme’s fourth game with the Angels since he was traded from the Atlanta Braves. Playing regularly with Los Angeles far more than he had with Atlanta, the early placement in the doghouse plus the Mets’ current need for an infielder has fans wondering if maybe a return to Queens is possible.

A Mets fan has a creative way to ensure Luis Guillorme comes back to Flushing via trade

Over on Twitter, user Mets Fix proposed David Stearns actually swap Wendle for Guillorme with added insurance.

It’s not such a bad thought. Guillorme’s success in New York and the familiarity works. He couldn’t possibly be any worse than Wendle either. His problem in Atlanta where he hit just .150 might’ve been a lack of playing time. Guillorme barely made it between the lines in any capacity. He was, for the most part, an unneeded addition to the Atlanta roster.

The Mets sending the Angels Wendle plus picking up the remainder of his $2 million salary is enticing. They’d only add the rest of the $1.1 million Guillorme signed for which is just a minor addition to the overall payroll for the season. A player making league minimum they might add from the minor league roster wouldn’t cost much more so this is more a matter of preferring Guillorme over a player like Jose Iglesias.

The minor salary relief for the Angels would be much appreciated by Arte Moreno. This is a club that put everyone they could on waivers last August and again in September just to save some dollars.

As fan-friendly of a move as it would be, this might not be such a necessary move for the Mets. There’s a reason why they moved on from Guillorme in the first place. Slashing just .224/.288/.327 for the club last season in 120 plate appearances, it might be a lateral move costing the team more money.

The Mets fully prepared themselves for Wendle to be a bust. Aside from Iglesias, there’s Mike Brosseau, Rylan Bannon, Luke Ritter, and Luisangel Acuna available as alternatives.

Frankly, the intrigue of seeing someone new is far greater than rehashing the past. To make such a move and eat salary unnecessarily is less of a financial flex than it may seem. 

Give this trade idea an A for creativity. In likability, give it whatever letter best represents a shrug. W? That’s an unfamiliar letter these days.