Braves trade for Robinson Cano, Mets can trade for Joc Pederson

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The Atlanta Braves traded for Robinson Cano. What do the New York Mets do to match it?

The Mets do something even better. They go out and add a better player with a Braves connection.

At last year’s trade deadline, the Braves brought in a whole bunch of players. One that helped ignite them is on his way to becoming available yet again this year. It’s outfielder Joc Pederson of the San Francisco Giants.

The Mets can call the Braves on Robinson Cano and raise them with Joc Pederson

Pederson’s Giants are looking more like sellers than buyers. It’s going to take a big turnaround for them in the second half and some trade deadline additions to be taken seriously. All year long, they’ve looked more like an average team at best than a team coming off of a 107-win campaign.

Pederson has been one of the better players on this underwhelming ball club. He’s swatting home runs regularly and making a strong case to become an even better option for some clubs than fellow left-handed-hitting outfielder Andrew Benintendi.

On the Mets, Pederson could make a lot of sense as a solution for the DH spot and outfield depth. The Mets don’t have much left-handed power at all. He could certainly give them some of it. Throughout his career, whether he was hitting below or above the .234 batting average he has in his career, power has been a part of his game.

Pederson has been a decent OBP guy throughout his career, too. Despite the low batting average, he does have an OBP of .332. It’s not great but it’s also not horrendous. He can draw walks.

The Mets will need a solution at the DH spot. Pederson might be nearly perfect for it because he’s more than a guy to swing the bat. Rather than take on a first baseman for this task to only hit and occasionally play the field in place of Pete Alonso, Pederson can also give the Mets games at both corner outfield positions and even in center field if needed. Injury concerns for Starling Marte linger and will continue to do so.

The Mets will have to hope the Giants stay on the path they are on; losing lots and making a guy like Pederson available.

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