5 Mets trade destinations for Mark Canha if the team sells

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5) The Mets could make an intradivision trade with the Marlins

The Miami Marlins are battling for a spot in the National League Wild Card. The organization, which has a significant number of pitchers within the MLB roster and its farm system, has spent years trying to cover needs in its offense.

After many disappointing years for Miami fans, the Marlins continue to play baseball that could return them to the postseason. To do that, they need to bolster their lineup with viable options for power and on-base ability.

The Marlins will likely make more than one trade this summer, trying to get multiple options on their offense. This is why Mark Canha can be an option that could benefit your offense and provide flexibility on defense.

The Marlins could blockbuster trade with the St. Louis Cardinals for a power bat and still have room to make a middle-impact trade with the Mets for Canha. The Mets would be delighted if they could land a prospect like Victor Mesa Jr. in a trade like this, but that would be off the radar.

Instead, the Mets could ask for Josh Simpson and high-power pitcher Sean Reynolds, the No. 22 and 23 prospects in the Marlins organization. AAA pitcher Reynolds has a fastball that reaches 100 mph and has potential as a starter, while Simpson, is a little behind in his development but is a left-handed pitcher, who has a high spin curveball and despite being in Class A, could contribute as soon as 2024.