5 Mets trade destinations for Mark Canha if the team sells

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2) Mets left fielder Mark Canha fits the model of the Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians are in the fight for the leadership of the American League Central Division against the Minnesota Twins. The Guardians have several needs in the team, especially on offense, and are looking for an outfield and a power bat, where if both can play first base is a plus.

Mark Canha quickly applies to the needs of the Guardians. His ability to play left field and first base is appealing to the Cleveland organization.

Fortunately, the offensive style built on his roster, which prioritizes contact and OBP skills, are the strengths of Canha's hitter profile. Likewise, the financial situation of the Guardians organization makes teams like the Mets a better negotiation target, knowing that Steve Cohen would prioritize a return of more prospects assuming a higher financial cost.

The fit between both organizations could work. The Mets could try to boost the prospect return from the Canha trade by asking multiple players to rank above the top 20 in the organization.

The Mets could first ask for left-handed pitcher Joey Cantillo, the organization's No. 14 prospect, but the Guardians might be reluctant to give up a pitcher of this level. Instead, given Canha's time in control, the Mets could look to the duo of right-handers Hunter Gaddis and Nic Enright, the No. 22 and No. 23 prospects in the Cleveland organization.

Gaddis is a pitcher with major league experience and Enright is a AAA pitcher with MLB proximity. In a trade of this type, both organizations could benefit from the benefits and advantages of each other.