5 Mets trade destinations for Mark Canha if the team sells

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The New York Mets may be inclined to sell some pieces after the debacle that has plagued the team since June. Among the options that may have some value for contenders, Mark Canha stands out as a compelling option for teams who could generate a reasonable return for the Mets.

The demand market for outfielder services has become more dynamic in recent weeks. Several teams require a left field, with the ability to impact the game on both sides of the ball, with Canha being a possible fit for these requirements.

1) The Mets could trade Canha to the Yankees

The Yankees are in the market for outfielders, especially those playing left field. The Bronx Bombers' offense has been ineffective, being the worst team in MLB in terms of BABIP and the bottom five in on-base percentage.

Mark Canha could quickly benefit the Yankees' lineup. Due to his ability to get on base, being one of the Mets' top OBP players, Canha also limits his chase rate, which impacts him striking out not too often and putting the ball in play.

Canha owns a $13.5 million contract (for luxury tax purposes) that the Mets would be assuming the remainder of. Additionally, he has a $11.5 million club option for 2024 with a $2 million buyout.

The Yankees could get a player of caliber and skill without sacrificing money or prospects. Unlike other teams, for the Mets, the Yankees have controllable relievers who may be of interest to the team so they could contribute this season and the following.

Trade between both teams would be beneficial since both have a surplus in a position of need for the other. In a scenario in which the Yankees are willing to give up a relief pitcher like Ron Marinaccio, the Mets would be inclined to sell Canha, who could help the Yankees in their playoff quest.