5 trade destinations for David Robertson if the Mets are sellers

While the Mets haven't committed to one direction at the deadline, it's worth taking a look at the value of their lights out closer.
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The Los Angeles Dodgers should consider trading with the Mets for David Robertson to upgrade their bullpen

While the Dodgers enter the All-Star break with a NL West lead like most seasons, they have to feel a lot less comfortable about their current situation then they have in past years. With the Diamondbacks and Giants hot on their tails, the Dodgers should be looking to improve at the trade deadilne.

The biggest point of improvement for this team is their bullpen, which is second last amongst current playoff teams with a 4.43 ERA. Evan Phillips has been solid as their closer, but the rest of the bullpen could desperately use an upgrade, as the team never fully replaced Kelsey Jansen following his departure in free agency.

Aquiring David Robertson would give this championship contender some proven playoff experience, and someone they could trust in the playoffs more than Phillips. Having the two of them to lock up close wins would further solidify a bullpen that has had holes all season, which might be their undoing in a close NL West race.

Despite how good they've been for years, the Dodgers still have an elite farm system, with eight prospects in the MLB Pipeline's Top 100 rankings. While it's unlikely the Mets land a top end prospect for a rental, the Dodgers still have a great farm system, and they should have a great interest in improving their bullpen with Robertson if the Mets are sellers.